Speedup Studio is now available exclusive at SpeedUp tablet, is designed to meet the needs of you will be the latest songs and favorite, as well as providing music listening experience never seen before in other tablets.

Equipped with a cover on each song you download, provide convenience and beauty in access and play any of your favorite song.

Every song in the studio SpeedUp is original songs with the best audio quality.

Speedup Studio supports every anti-piracy action musical and intellectual works.

Music is one thing that can be enjoyed and understood by everyone. Departure of the same value, SpeedUp Studio also designed with the user interface is so simple and easy, so it can be understood and used by everyone. Choosing a new album, popular songs, song genre, its all designed to allow users to choose His favorite song.

With a collection of more than 550ribu title track, you can find almost all of your favorite song titles, ranging from songs Indonesian, Korean, Western, Japanese, Chinese, etc.. Speedup Studio is a digital music store with the largest and most comprehensive collection of songs. Every song in the studio-based Speedup Free MP3 and DRM.

How to Get SpeedUp Studio

SpeedUp Studio exclusively available on SpeedUp devices peedUp Pad PRO, SpeedUp Pad PRO 2, dan SpeedUp USB Modem.
Experience more with SpeedUp Studio on your PC Tablet.