Find Indonesian Language
applications that suits

Speedup Studio provides various applications
that suits to Indonesian user
needs with Indonesian language applications,
such as: Masak Apa ( references on
Indonesian food), and many more
applications that specially developed
for Indonesian users.

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Find various applications that suits to your hobbies like 'Masak Apa' application that references
food recipes for your cooking hobby, or 'pic story' application that helps you to edit photos, place it
on one frame, upload and photo comment from social media. For entertainment, you can watch TV
broadcast to 7 days backward or Video on demand watching with 'UseeTV' application. Find and
experience other applications on SpeedUp Studio.

How to Get SpeedUp Studio

SpeedUp Studio exclusively available on SpeedUp devices peedUp Pad PRO, SpeedUp Pad PRO 2, dan SpeedUp USB Modem.
Experience more with SpeedUp Studio on your PC Tablet.